The Acts of the Apostles

How the gospel was carried from Jerusalem to Rome

by David M Pearce

Below are the chapters of this very interesting book about the apostle Paul, by David Pearce. We hope you enjoy reading about the progress of the early church as much as we have. We thank David for his words and for permission to post them here, and pray that all who read them may be enthused by them to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Chapter Titles

  1. The Coming of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Jerusalem Church
  3. On the Road to Damascus
  4. The Call of the Gentiles
  5. Paul tours Turkey
  6. Division Threatens the Church
  7. The Gospel reaches Europe
  8. Problems at Corinth
  9. The Great Collection
  10. Trouble at Jerusalem
  11. Paul’s Voyage to Rome
  12. Letters from Prison

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