Signs of Our Times

Kindly provided by Arthur Wright, who used to live in Coffs Harbour. Arthur has been a keen student of the Bible for most of his life and his particular interest is Bible Prophecy.

We can only be sure of some of the details of some prophecies, after they have been fulfilled. Other prophecies we can be certain of in advance. And some prophecies we can know some of the detail in advance, and speculate on how other parts will be fulfilled.

These “Signs of Our Times” posted below, quote some scriptures that are clear to understand, and others where Arthur is searching for the correct answer. I know that Arthur would love you to share in his exploration of God’s prophecies.

The final outworking of God’s plan with humankind is the establishment on the earth of Jesus Christ’s righteous reign, when the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.